We constantly perform analysis across all of our files and processes. This allows us to keep informed of any minute changes to be able to continuously review and improve.

We use this analysis to:
  • Determine how we communicate with your customers
  • Give you an expected return on your investment
  • Forecast how long accounts will take to repay

Before starting any communications with new customers, we first analyse their account and give them each a score to determine their propensity to pay and what the expected value of their account is. We can also use this information to advise you of your expected return on investment.

Thousands of different journey paths

After giving all files a score, we put each individual on different customer journey paths, specific to their score. Through our extensive analysis over the years we have learnt that different types of files perform better with different communication and message types.

We have created an automated communication platform which sends your customers the right message sentiment, using the best communication method at the optimum time. As each customer circumstance is unique, we have thousands of different journey paths.

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