At Restons Solicitors, we have over 30 years of experience recovering debt for our clients from their customers. We use the latest technology developed specifically for our industry in order to help you to communicate with your customers and allow them to pay in the way most convenient to them.

We act on behalf of a wide range of lenders, including banks, prime and sub-prime lenders and provide them with a full service litigation solution to help recover money owed.

We communicate with over 15 thousand of our clients' customers per month, either through telephone, live chat or our online portal. Through those interactions, we have collected over £70 million for our clients in the last 3 years, with an average monthly arrangement value of £27.

We do our best to allow your customers to repay what they owe without having to go to further legal measures. Through everything, we treat customers fairly and our staff speak to everyone with respect, which is why our Google rating currently stands at 4 stars and is rising all the time. In fact, last year our average Google rating was 4.7 stars.

What we do differently

We have a wide range of clients who have a wide range of debt types they are trying to collect, but for a typical account we expect to cover that balance in 35 months.

  • Use our analysis models to understand the debtor
  • Better engage your customers through a variety of communication methods
  • Optimise collections
  • Reduce the prospect of litigation - and your costs
  • Help you to protect your brand integrity

Why Restons?

  • Our contact campaign strategies are tailored to the individuals' needs, and due to the extensive processes we have put into this, we have been able to reduce litigation significantly and therefore the costs to our clients
  • We believe in a firm but fair approach, we will treat your customers with the utmost respect and in return we receive some excellent feedback
  • We take compliance seriously, we're regulated by the SRA and have multiple ISO accreditations. With over 15,000 customer interactions each month and 1 million+ texts messages sent per year we receive just 0.015% of complaints and zero are upheld

What our customers say

  • “Very understanding and approachable. Lady I spoke to was very nice and calm. Thank you”
  • “Being very overwhelmed, the lady who dealt with me was very understanding and explained everything. Was so helpful in what is both a stressful and emotional time”
  • “The lovely lady I spoke to put me at rest and was very understanding and helpful thank you so much”
  • “Lovely lady, very helpful and sympathetic to my issues. Put me on the right track to dealing with my account”



For bulk issue work we typically agree a fixed fee (based on CPR fixed costs) and payment processing charge (on monies recovered) arrangement with our clients. Disputed cases will also be subject to our hourly rates, for which estimates can be given on a case by case basis. VAT is payable on all costs.


Your instructions may attract legal disbursements, including Court fees, Land Registry fees, Counsel fees and other third party expenses.

For more information and to see the latest costs, please refer to the UK Government website here.

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