Over the years we’ve designed and built various models and automation strategies in order to have the best chance of returns for our clients.

We identified sticking points and worked to reduce some of the barriers facing our clients such as long, time-consuming forms and the accessibility of their account.

One area we were especially keen to improve was our income and expenditure form, we determined that, on average, it took our clients' customers 23 and a half minutes to complete and then it took one of our case managers 12 and a half minutes to review the form and make a decision on an appropriate repayment plan for the customer, based on the information in the form. We wanted to reduce the time taken for both our clients' customers and for our staff.

We also completely removed this manual element for our case managers by using automation intelligence to analyse the information submitted and give an instant decision to the customer. This information is also saved to the customers file in order to access in the future. This process now takes around 3 minutes, from the previous 36 and forms part of our online portal where customers can self-serve 24/7.

Through our use of technology, we have developed:
  • Auto communication strategies
  • Online portal
  • Analysis models

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